Established in 1929 in Kyoto, Nissha started as a printing company specialized in luxury art print. We now engage in product development taking advantage of our core technologies of printing, coating, laminating, molding, and patterning.

Using high-precision molding and laminating technologies, we expanded the application of dissolving microneedles to a skincare cosmetic patch. Needles molded from a substrate of high polymer hyaluronic acid enable delivery of the ingredient directly and efficiently into the skin in a way not possible by liquid application. The product is designed to give the skin moisture and resilience, and improve wrinkles from the inside.
Various skincare effects may be added by blending beauty ingredients into the patches.

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Dissolving Microneedle Patches

Microneedle Patch C6

Microneedle Patch GF3

Microneedle Patch BT-x