J a p a n e s e  A e s t h e t i c s


Japanese beauty is simplicity, pureness and grace

In Japan, beauty lives inside people’s aesthetic demenour.
Traditional expressions of Japanese aesthetic culture can be found in the concepts of bihaku, wabi-sabi and power of nature.

Bihaku”: bi means beautiful and haku means white; it refers to the skin’s whiteness, pure and uncontaminated by external agents.

Wabi-Sabi”: the appreciaton of transient, imperfect and impermanent beauty which dwells in the spirit. It’s a worldview centered on accepting the imperfection as beautiful and break off with the absolute perfection ideal.

Power of nature” : The nature of Japan has been nurturing since ancient times the beauty, the spirit and sensibility of Japanese women. It gives balance and harmony to people’s life.