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warew Pad. 22 stand B27-C28 warew is a quality aging skin care brand that has mastered Japanese beauty and integrates the power of herbs that have grown in Japan by using its unique technology. The entire product lineup contains 95% naturally derived ingredients, and more than 90% of the ingredients are sourced domestically. Its base formula combines the luxurious waters of the Beppu Hot Spring and the distilled water of plants cultivated in Japan. warew products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients, synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, animal products or mineral oils. All products are Ecocert certified.

PASO A PASO: (PAD.22 stand B35) – PASO A PASO means “step by step” in Spanish. We wish to guide our customers through their journey to find their own “beauty”, so that they can be more beautiful and healthy today, tomorrow, and also 10 years later. We are committed to high-quality products, manufactured in factories throughout Japan with only the highest quality ingredients. This commitment is based on four core corporate values:

TRUTH: Enrich your beauty and health, down to your very core. We strive to be your TRUE partner in making this happen every day.

PROGRESS: Our goal is to help you quickly and effortlessly attain true beauty you can feel through the blessings of nature and the power of the latest technology in the beauty industry.

DEPTH: We will dig beneath the surface to identify any sources of damage, leading the way to sustainable beauty by caring for your beauty inside and out.

CONFIDENCE: We firmly believe that our high-quality products will not only leave you coming back time and again, but also that you will find them worthy of giving to that special someone with confidence.

AYAMA: (PAD.22 stand B31-C32) – AYAMA’s aim is to offer the best basic face masks, which are the foundation of beautiful skin. Selecting only essential beauty ingredients that the skin really needs, AYAMA created a basic face mask with the double effect of moisturizing and conditioning the skin. AYAMA believes that therein lies real beauty, each one of us ought to embrace our inborn beauty and carefully nurture it with our own hands. Regardless of the color of our skin, our age, and our gender, the beauty of our skin is the essence of confident beauty. The standard of Japanese beauty, unchanged from olden times – AYAMA’s basic face mask will give you a beautiful skin that will make you brim with confidence.

Naris: (PAD.22 stand B33) – Naris is based on the philosophy of existing for others. Our corporate goal is to share with our customers the joy and happiness of becoming more beautiful through our cosmetics. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards by manufacturing our products totally in house. Naris uses high-level technological expertise to search for a variety of ingredients among nature’s many superb substances, to lead to the development of cosmetics that help maintain a healthy youthful skin. Taking into account skin type, age, budget, family responsibilities, work, sports and more, Naris Cosmetics has developed different skin care lines to best accommodate any individuality and lifestyle. (PAD.22 stand B31-C32) – Established in 1929 in Kyoto, Nissha started as a printing company specialized in luxury art print. We now engage in product development taking advantage of our core technologies of printing, coating, laminating, molding, and patterning. Using high-precision molding and laminating technologies, we expanded the application of dissolving microneedles to a skincare cosmetic patch. Needles molded from a substrate of high polymer hyaluronic acid enable delivery of the ingredient directly and efficiently into the skin in a way not possible by liquid application. The product is designed to give the skin moisture and resilience, and improve wrinkles from the inside. Various skincare effects may be added by blending beauty ingredients into the patches.

Discover the next-generation DDS! (PAD.22 stand B37) – The Goshu Yakuhin brand offers products that rely on verdant “Toyama Quality Water”, drawn from the deep waters of Toyama Bay and hot springs fed by snowmelt from the Northern Japan Alps. With a natural reservoir in mountainous areas and the deep waters of Toyama Bay, one of the deepest bays in Japan, Toyama Prefecture boasts some of the most delicious, highest-quality water in the world. Surpassing product categories such as beverages, bathing, cosmetics, foods and well-being, “Toyama Quality Water” is Goshu Yakuhin’s beauty, health and healing brand. Our products include mineral water, bath salts, skin-care, supplements, well-being, medical care, etc. “Toyama Quality Water” is at the heart of everything we do. The words “Toyama Quality” attest to products created by manufacturers rooted in the Toyama, using the very best that nature offers.

Segreto: (PAD.22 stand C34)

CosmeD: (PAD.22 stand C36) – CosmeD is a research and development company for skin-related technologies based on fundamental research of TTS (transdermal delivery system). As a new method of DDS (drug delivery system) to release beauty ingredients into the skin, for the first time in the world, we have succeeded in developing and commercializing the “soluble microneedle cosmetics” that enables to release macromolecular active ingredients into the skin easily and safely by simply pasting microneedles made of hyaluronic acid.

DIA Pharma: (PAD.22 stand C30) – Aiming to “make products that satisfy people across the world,” we at DIA Pharma use our flexible thinking and technology to the full to develop and propose world-class quality products to respond to the demands of our customers. “Dynamic Ideas and Activities that exceed existing concepts”: this is the spirit of DIA Pharmaceutical. Our world-leading “SOLinGEL” technology is a striking technical advance in Drug Delivery Systems (DDS). It successfully harmonizes the balance between the gel, which has excellent heat resistance and form retention properties, and the solvent, which has excellent chemical release properties. It is a water-soluble polymer technology completely different from conventional skin adhesives.

Arujyansu: (PAD:22 stand B29) – Arujyansu’s mission is growing together with women enjoying their beauty every day. We continue to develop better methods, products and services, and provide them at an appropriate price. We have started as a tiny accessory store in November 2003. As we consulted with our customers, we received consultations on the problems of young women at the shop. Many of them wanted to enjoy the feminine style of long hair freely, but also enjoyed the atmosphere of a cool woman with short length hair at the same time. Therefore, we started a service that can provide hair extensions, which had been expensive at that time, at a reasonable price that we believed to make every woman happy by enabling her to freely enjoy changes in hair style, length, and color, as if she was playing with an accessory.

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