Japan Cosmetics Experience
is an open platform to show and provide you with the essence of Japanese Cosmetic Industry.

Japanese Cosmetic Manufacturing: our mission is to create value in our products and bring happiness and empowerment to our costumers on a daily basis. We promote open innovation, linking the technologies and research results of different companies to achieve greater heights together. We are committed to natural ingredients that the Japanese land naturally offers. In every process, from production to quality management, we do not just rely on machines: we use the hands and eyes of experienced employees, to make sure every step in the creation our products is completed with the utmost care.

Japanese Cosmetic Brands: in JCE you can find top 100% japanese cosmetics brands: all of them draw inspiration to the original essence of japanese beauty. Designs and textures are inspired by the natural and graceful appearance of an elegant Japanese woman. All brands offer high technology, very high standards to very demanding customers who aim to have not only great results but also beautiful and unique designs.

Import / Export Services: Import/Export and distribution, quality and regulatory services are provided by JCE founding companies and reliable responsible persons.

Global Connection: all the Companies are willing to develop new partners, export overseas and connect the Japanese World and culture to the rest of the globe.

Business Development: we are open and committed to develop new business with the worldwide market offering the best, reliable and fair collaboration. We boast the best team of professionals in the cosmetics industry and the most competent companies for every single process: from the selection of ingredients to the finishing, from packaging to distribution.

Beauty Experience: thanks to JCE, you will experience the deepest sense of Japanese beauty and aesthetics, both physically and spiritually. Let the nature of Japan nurture your body and mind and help your beauty blossom.