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warew is a quality aging skin care brand that has mastered Japanese beauty and integrates the power of herbs that have grown in Japan by using its unique technology.

The entire product lineup contains 95% naturally derived ingredients, and more than 90% of the ingredients are sourced domestically. Its base formula combines the luxurious waters of the Beppu Hot Spring and the distilled water of plants cultivated in Japan.

warew products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients, synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, animal products or mineral oils. All products are Ecocert certified.

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Pav 19, stand A3-B6
Pav 14, stand EG35

With three patents, SUSSH line’s breakthrough Ocean Microbiome Technology efficiently penetrates your skin and delivers its powerful actives, contrasting wrinkles, improving firmness and elasticity and offering immediate lifting effect.

Its jelly-like texture self-spreads and melts in your skin, giving an immediate refreshing feeling. Its Cationic Vescicles, positively charged micro-capsules, carry the active marine metabolites derived from deep ocean yeast breeding right into your skin, for maximum efficacy.

SUSSH’s collagen preservation, anti-oxidant action and moisturizing effects are scientifically proven, guaranteeing anti-aging effective results.

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AYAMA’s aim is to offer the best basic face masks, which are the foundation of beautiful skin. Selecting only essential beauty ingredients that the skin really needs, AYAMA created a basic face mask with the double effect of moisturizing and conditioning the skin.

AYAMA believes that therein lies real beauty, each one of us ought to embrace our inborn beauty and carefully nurture it with our own hands. Regardless of the color of our skin, our age, and our gender, the beauty of our skin is the essence of confident beauty.
The standard of Japanese beauty, unchanged from olden times – AYAMA’s basic face mask will give you a beautiful skin that will make you brim with confidence.

KITAO Cosmetics

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Believing that maintaining beauty is not only focusing on outer care, but also paying attention to inner skincare, we took a long journey, seeking the a cosmetic company based on this idea. We finally found Kitao Cosmetics, which was established in 1919 and has 100 years of history in the beauty business.

Since then, we have developed unique products with our brand: a skincare line with Matcha leaves from Kyoto (KITAO MATCHA), Peelable Gel Polish (HOMEI), and Two Layer Lipstick (INTENTIO).

Naris Cosmetics

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Naris is based on the philosophy of existing for others. Our corporate goal is to share with our customers the joy and happiness of becoming more beautiful through our cosmetics.

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards by manufacturing our products totally in house. Naris uses high-level technological expertise to search for a variety of ingredients among nature’s many superb substances, to lead to the development of cosmetics that help maintain a healthy youthful skin.

Taking into account skin type, age, budget, family responsibilities, work, sports and more, Naris Cosmetics has developed different skin care lines to best accommodate any individuality and lifestyle.

Sincere Laura

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Sincere Laura is a manufacturer who is specialized in producing face masks in Osaka, Japan. It is a brand new factory, but its knowledge and technique come from specialists in this category.

Our factory is in compliance with the Cosmetics GMP standard, creatig high standard made in Japan products for clients all over the world wishing for high quality face masks.

We are very pleased to present Sincere Beauty Series, a face mask line based on 6 selected Japanese natural health ingredients: “Japan Rice”, “Tofu”, “Brown Rice”, “Sake Lees”, “Bamboo Charcoal” and “Wild Yuzu”.


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Established in 1929 in Kyoto, Nissha started as a printing company specialized in luxury art print. We now engage in product development taking advantage of our core technologies of printing, coating, laminating, molding, and patterning.

Using high-precision molding and laminating technologies, we expanded the application of dissolving microneedles to a skincare cosmetic patch. Needles molded from a substrate of high polymer hyaluronic acid enable delivery of the ingredient directly and efficiently into the skin in a way not possible by liquid application. The product is designed to give the skin moisture and resilience, and improve wrinkles from the inside.
Various skincare effects may be added by blending beauty ingredients into the patches.

Discover the next-generation DDS!

Toyo Ceramics

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Toyo Ceramics is a company founded in 1986, known for the production of porcelain in the Japanese town of Arita-cho. Thanks to our company, the Japanese ceramic Arita, with its 400 years of history in the world of porcelain, enters the world of the cosmetic industry.

Discover a package line that overflows with innovative ideas while staying faithful to Japanese tradition.

Layered Fragrance

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Layered Fragrance is based on the idea of ”layering” different scents, a new way to wear and combine perfume as an expression of fashion.
Finding the most radiant beauty in simplicity, Layered Fragrance is created to match any atmosphere and situation with a touch of familiarity.
All our fragrances are designed to be light and pleasant to mix, giving a casual yet elegant scent customizable for all tastes, including those who do not usually wear perfume.

Discover a line of minimalist, elegant, unisex products made for everyone.
Layered Fragance’s whole line is made in Japan, carefully crafted following the highest Japanese quality standards.
Enjoy the feeling of cleanliness and simple luxury of a rich variety of scented products, including ambient fresheners, clothes fresheners, soaps, and perfumes.

for sensitive skin

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This new skin care line contains high-performance beauty ingredients, providing potent skin benefits to fight dryness. The key to long-lasting makeup is to give your skin enough hydration. Our cosmetic products are perfect for this purpose.

The Water-based Cleanser removes makeup easily and completely, leaving the skin soft after wiping. The Washing Foam complete removes sebum and dirt from clogged pores leaving your skin smooth and moisturized. The Mild Lotion and the Moisturizing Milk restore hydration in every corner of the stratum corneum. The Face Cream protects smoothness, leving you skin soft and protecting it from drying up all day long.

Our products are rich in permeable ingredients such as pomegranate, watermelon, royal jelly and yogurt extract


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RAPPORT carefully selects its ingredients from raw materials of proven efficacy and applies ground-breaking technologies to create world-level products. With our technology, we developed unique products, such as cosmetics that cure wrinkles in 10 minutes.
We are proud to present our skincare line based on the anti-aging properties of the rose.
We aim to create a world where everyone can truly be beautiful and healthy, connecting customers’ hearts and minds with superb technology.


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PASO A PASO means “step by step” in Spanish. Be beautiful and healthy today, tomorrow, and even 10 years later. Go out for a journey to grant this wish. Paso a Paso will follow you in your journey.

Our product and beauty counseling relays to our concept of “4 Shin”, 4 Japanese characters read “shin”:

「真 – Honesty」To be the life partner of your beauty and health, and enriching your heart everyday

「進 – Progression」To have the perfect texture and an immediate effect thanks to the power of Mother Nature and advanced beauty technology

「深 – Profound」 To lead to a loyal beauty by working deeply on any cause of imperfection

「信 – Belief」To proudly deliver a high quality product that you will want to keep on using and give to special people in your life


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Matsuken is the leading company in the eyelash extension sector, for OEM/ODM manufacture and inspection, verification, and examination. We are specialized in artificial hair for eyelash extension and glue for eyelash extension R&D and manufacture.

We develop and manufacture under Japanese patented research department, aiming for the eyelash extension market of the future. Through our research, we have developed artificial eyelashes that cuts more than 90% UV and improved its adhesive strength by 23% with laser. Safety and hygiene is our top concern: our artificial eyelashes are also crafted to prevent the growth of Staphylococcus auresus.

All our products are under the strict Japanese quality inspection, guaranteeing the highest standards. From Japan, to costumers all over the world.


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UPBUTY is a company specialized in beauty equipment, founded by employees who previously worked in Shonan Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.

Using to the fullest the personal connections developed during our previous working experience, we have gathered Japanese top-class cosmetic dermatologists and skin researchers, formed the first specialists-only R&D team in Japan developing a new technology for skin’s beauty that can be used by consumers, and have acquired numerous patented technologies.

Currently, in addition to Japan, we sell beauty equipment in China and Southeast Asia. We are planning in the future to deliver our technology to even more women, reaching Europe and America.