FEATHER Safety Razor Co., Ltd.

world-class reliable brand from Japan

Since its founding in 1932, Feather Safety Razor Co., Ltd. has provided great satisfaction to users in Japan and around the world as a blade manufacuter.

Feather started the business with shaving and grooming products, and has expanded its product line up, for barber and beauty field, medical field and more.

Feather is taking on challenges in the creation of new value worth the name of World Quality Feather.

Nissha Co., Ltd.

Experienced manufacturer based in Kyoto, Japan

Established in 1929 in Kyoto Japan, Nissha started as a printing company specialized in luxury art print. Decades later, the graphic print leader grew rapidly and globally as a manufacturer of precision electronic components for applying the printing technology.

Utilizing its super-fine manufacturing technology, the company is now expanding its business domain into Medical Devices and Health Care Products.


warew is a quality aging skin care brand that has mastered Japanese beauty and integrates the power of herbs that have grown in Japan by using its unique technology.

The entire product lineup contains 95% naturally derived ingredients, and more than 90% of the ingredients are sourced domestically. Its base formula combines the luxurious waters of the Beppu Hot Spring and the distilled water of plants cultivated in Japan.

warew products do not contain any genetically modified ingredients, synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, animal products or mineral oils. All products are Ecocert certified.

warew Sussh  – Ocean Microbiome Technology

Three patents are applied in this breakthrough Biotech Memory Shape Anti-Aging Serum with Ocean Microbiome Technology.

Its active metabolites deeply penetrate your skin contrasting wrinkles, improving firmness and elasticity. Its cutting edge memory shape texture offers immediate lifting effect. Latest Japanese memory shape technology is applied to create SUSSH Serum. Its jelly-like texture will melt in your skin releasing an immediate refreshing feeling while deeply penetrating thanks to Cationic Vesicles Technology (patent). Micro-capsules positively charged (Cationic Vesicles) carry inside your skin the active marine metabolites (patent) derived from deep ocean yeast breeding (patent), while the memory shape matrix will self-spread smoothing the skin surface and guaranteeing a uniform distribution.

Its Collagen preservation, anti-oxidant action and moisturizing effects are scientifically proven, guaranteeing anti-aging effective results.

Winner of Cosmoprof Awards Skincare 2018

Winner’s Letter

Toyo Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Toyo Ceramics is a company founded in 1986, known for the production of porcelain in the Japanese town of Arita-cho. Thanks to our company, the Japanese ceramic Arita, with its 400 years of history in the world of porcelain, enters the world of the cosmetic industry.

We have decided to face a new challenge and bring two of our leading products to the cosmetic market: porcelain bottles and Macaron & Eiffel Tower diffusers.

Leanani Premium

‘lea’ means happiness and ‘nani’ means beautiful in hawaiian. Leanani wants to enhance a woman’s feeling of being beautiful, happy and confident.

Our Liquid Premium Eyeliners draw a beautiful, thin and precise line with long lasting, creating a deep, glossy & dimensional look around the eyes. Under the supervision of calligraphy artisans from Nara it has achieved the finest  brush tip (0.1mm).

Waterproof Leanani eyeliners resist not just water, tears, and sebum but also eye drops. Easily washed off with foam cleansing. The base formula contain skin-friendly ingredients as chamomile, satozakura flower extract and tea extract

DERIZUM for sensitive skin

This new skin care line contains high-performance beauty ingredients, providing potent skin benefits to fight dryness. The key to long-lasting makeup is to give your skin enough hydration. Our cosmetic products are perfect for this purpose.

The Water-based Cleanser removes makeup easily and completely, leaving the skin soft after wiping. The Washing Foam complete removes sebum and dirt from clogged pores leaving your skin smooth and moisturized. The Mild Lotion and the Moisturizing Milk restore hydration in every corner of the stratum corneum. The Face Cream protects smoothness, leving you skin soft and protecting it from drying up all day long.

Our products are rich in permeable ingredients such as pomegranate, watermelon, royal jelly and yogurt extract

Kohakuhada (琥珀 – Amber)

Kohakuhada (琥珀 – Amber) is a new aging care brand, the first in the world formulated with KOHAKU extract, obtained from the only jewel derived from the plants. KOHAKU ingredients (KOHAKU extract, KOHAKU powder) quickly penetrate into your skin, promoting elasticity and hydration.

The Cleansing Wash removes make-up and dirt, but also dead skin, quickly giving you moistured and translucent skin. We propose three different kind of lotions: the Refreshing Lotion can be used as ordinary moisturizing or wipe-off lotion; the Moisture Lotion is a rich emulsion that penetrates deep and can be used for massaging; the Milk Lotion formula contains oils moisturizes for all day long hydration. The last product of our line is a 2 in 1 Cream , to soften fine wrinkles trough deep hydration