PASO A PASO means “step by step” in Spanish. We wish to guide our customers through their journey to find their own “beauty”, so that they can be more beautiful and healthy today, tomorrow, and also 10 years later.

We are committed to high-quality products, manufactured in factories throughout Japan with only the highest quality ingredients. This commitment is based on four core corporate values:

  • TRUTH: Enrich your beauty and health, down to your very core. We strive to be your TRUE partner in making this happen every day.
  • PROGRESS:Our goal is to help you quickly and effortlessly attain true beauty you can feel through the blessings of nature and the power of the latest technology in the beauty industry.
  • DEPTH:We will dig beneath the surface to identify any sources of damage, leading the way to sustainable beauty by caring for your beauty inside and out.
  • CONFIDENCE:We firmly believe that our high-quality products will not only leave you coming back time and again, but also that you will find them worthy of giving to that special someone with confidence.

Extra Essence 60ml

Extra Essence 30ml

Extra Essence 15ml

Cucha Soft Wash 110g

Cucha Soft Wash 80g

Cucha Soft Wash 40g

Deep Effect Lotion

Deep Effect Essence

Deep Effect Cure-All

Extra Cleansing Gel

Phyto Advance Serum

Oil Rich Milk Lotion

Zeitaku All-in-one Gel

Vita Hair Sol

Vita Hair Luna

Cucha Soft Wash 110g

Cucha Soft Wash 110g

Zeitaku Placenta

Foaming Sponge