Naris is based on the philosophy of existing for others. Our corporate goal is to share with our customers the joy and happiness of becoming more beautiful through our cosmetics.

We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards by manufacturing our products totally in house. Naris uses high-level technological expertise to search for a variety of ingredients among nature’s many superb substances, to lead to the development of cosmetics that help maintain a healthy youthful skin.

Taking into account skin type, age, budget, family responsibilities, work, sports and more, Naris Cosmetics has developed different skin care lines to best accommodate any individuality and lifestyle.


AYANO Hydro-Barrier Double Cleansing Foam

Foaming facial wash that does the job of two: as a cleansing cream to remove the makeup, and facial foam to get rid of skin’s excess sebum and dirt

AYANO Hydro-Barrier Exfoliating Lotion

Exfoliating Lotion that gets rid of dead skin cells, which we cannot get rid of by just washing our face. Enriched with Peach Seed and Coix Seed Extract

AYANO Hydro-Barrier Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion that balances your skin to prepare your skin for healthier skin environment. Moisturizing ingredients are absorbed easily without being blocked by old skin cells

AYANO Hydro-Barrier Day Cream

A day cream enriched with Ceramide, providing rich moisture which veils the skin for lasting smoothness. Treats the skin’s premature aging symptoms and prevents dehydration of the skin due to UV damage.

AYANO Hydro-Barrier Night Cream

Intensive moisturizing cream for night time with a smooth, luxurious touch. Japanese Kelp Extract provides moisture during your sleep and protects your skin during the night.

AYANO Special Eye Zone Cream

A concentrated eye cream approaches sensitive eyes prone to blinking motion and dryness. Enhances firmness and skin elasticity effected with aging through 4 types of plant-derived ingredients.


W Cleansing Serum

W Cleansing Foam


Conc α

Conc α with enzyme Alkaline exfoliates dead skin cells that cause skin roughness. Formulated to exfoliate while still caring for the condition of the skin. Gently wiping with Majesta Conc α helps skin smoothness and translucency

Conc β

Conc β with Corneo Tuner and iPF technology is formulated for sensitive, red, very dry and hyper-pigmented skin types with the focus on supporting skin condition while still exfoliating. Skin appears smoother and firmer to the touch


Crème utilizes your sleeping hours to revitalize your skin. Normal night-time skin rhythm of reproduction and restoration is disrupted by aging, stress and environment. Patented Skin Protect 3 ingredient protects skin and improves the skin’s surface environment to enhance nighttime restorative skin rhythm.


Lotion I

Treatment Milk

Massaging Pack

Massaging improves blood flow creating a bright, dazzling complexion. The secret to receiving the full benefit of massage is strong capillaries. Majesta Massaging pack was created to maximize massaging benefits by creating an environment that strengthens capillaries while providing facial pack benefits of cleansing and moisturizing. Powdered charcoal cleanses by powerfully absorbing oxidized oil in the pores while special beauty oils soften, smoothen and moisten skin.


Hair Shampoo N

Leaves hair refreshed and silky-smooth while holding hair color. Cleans hair oils, dirt, styling products, etc. for healthier new hair growth and increased penetration of hair products that follow. Silk Moist Ingredient protects hair and prevents loss of nutrients while shampooing

Velvety SG-L Scalp Care Shampoo

Aging care for the hair. To those concerned with hair loss and volume loss. Eliminates the cause of hair loss sebum and soils trapped in hair follicles. Invigorates as it cleans. Removes unwanted metabolized matter completely while refreshingly washing scalp and hair. Silk Moist Ingredient protects hair and prevents loss of nutrients when shampooing.

Hair Conditioner Moisture

Transforms damaged, fly-away hair to a pliant, glossy and smooth condition. Moisturizing ingredients are delivered deep into the cortex, so hair surface feels non-tacky and refreshing, yet the hair itself becomes pliant

Hair Conditioner Volume

Imparts body and volume for limp hair that goes flat easily. Soy protein penetrates deep to the cortex that has become thin and weak to deliver more bounce and volume to hair that is usually flat

Hair Conditioner Straight

Conditions wavy or unruly hair for a sleek, straight finish. Straight Amino Ingredient doesn’t harden hair but works to straighten the cortex of the hair which controls waviness and springiness for a beautiful straight finish


N.U.P. Pore Clear Pack: Eggshell essence and effective charcoal ingredients clear the pores with a non-painful method. Alcohol-free and mineral oil-free


SHUREI Hyaluronic Acid Face Creak

SHUREI COllagen Face Cream

SHUREI Isoflavone Face Cream

SHUREI Arbutin Face Cream

SHUREI Q10 Face Cream