Believing that maintaining beauty is not only focusing on outer care, but also paying attention to inner skincare, we took a long journey, seeking the a cosmetic company based on this idea. We finally found Kitao Cosmetics, which was established in 1919 and has 100 years of history in the beauty business.

Since then, we have developed unique products with our brand: a skincare line with Matcha leaves from Kyoto (KITAO MATCHA), Peelable Gel Polish (HOMEI), and Two Layer Lipstick (INTENTIO).

Kitao Matcha

KITAO MATCHA skincare line is based on Japanese Matcha tea.
Matcha, finely ground green tea leaves, has been loved and a part of Japanese people’s lives as an all-purpose medicine since ancient times. These days, Matcha green tea has become a popular beverage, known to be good for your health and beauty all over the world.


Relaxing the skin comfortably, and removing makeup and excess oil while moisturizing skin!

Cleansing Cream with a rich and soft texture.

The cream blends in to makeup and sun screens quickly, and removes dirt and excess oil that often remain in the skin texture. The cream also has a skin care effect, thus, you can cleanse your skin while avoiding dry skin and receiving pore care. Since it’ s a smooth and rich cream, it’ s easy to wipe and rinse. Using this cleansing cream daily will make your skin moisturized and soft.

It can also be used as massage cream.

Sweet, mild scent of Matcha.


Powder face cleanser with rich and fine foaming.

The rich and fine foam catches sweat, excess oil, and dust on skin surface, as well as dirt deep inside the pores, and cleanses your face gently without damaging your skin. The powder contains enzymes (skin conditioning ingredient) that encourage the removal of old cuticles on the skin surface, and leads to lively, clear skin without roughness, dullness, and blackheads.

Free of synthetic perfume, artificial colors and mineral oil. (Scent and color of the product derive from one of the ingredients, camellia sinensis leaf extract)


Promptly penetrates the skin and softens stiff skin caused by dryness. Then delivers beauty ingredients throughout your skin cells. While conditioning the skin as bright, clear skin without roughness, dullness, and blackheads, this lotion penetrates skin cells.


Moisturizing face cream that protects from skin damage during the daytime and encourages moist, and firm skin. The rich moisture cream clings tightly to the skin and moisturizes the skin for a long time, leading to elastic, resilient skin. Non-sticky cream means you can put your make up on immediately after applying the cream. Sweet, mild scent of Matcha


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