Arujyansu’s mission is growing together with women enjoying their beauty every day. We continue to develop better methods, products and services, and provide them at an appropriate price.

We have started as a tiny accessory store in November 2003. As we consulted with our customers, we received consultations on the problems of young women at the shop. Many of them wanted to enjoy the feminine style of long hair freely, but also enjoyed the atmosphere of a cool woman with short length hair at the same time. Therefore, we started a service that can provide hair extensions, which had been expensive at that time, at a reasonable price that we believed to make every woman happy by enabling her to freely enjoy changes in hair style, length, and color, as if she was playing with an accessory.

For further growth, our company is evolving from a store specializing in hair extension to a complete beauty salon. In November 2018 we announced the Anti-Aging Care AR Cosmetic Series for Sensitive Salon. It is a new genre of product that emphasizes safety and high functionality by using domestically produced organic ingredients, and also offers daily home care for skin and hair, developed and researched at its own laboratory.

AR La Vie - Brilliant Face Cream

AR La Vie - Cleansing Cream

AR La Vie - Moisturizing Facial Wash

AR La Vie - Pleasure Essence

AR La Vie - Skin Conditioning Toner

AR La Vie - Soothing Eye Cream

AR Progresser Essence