PASO A PASO means “step by step” in Spanish. Be beautiful and healthy today, tomorrow, and even 10 years later. Go out for a journey to grant this wish. Paso a Paso will follow you in your journey.

Our product and beauty counseling relays to our concept of “4 Shin”, 4 Japanese characters read “shin”:

「真 – Honesty」To be the life partner of your beauty and health, and enriching your heart everyday

「進 – Progression」To have the perfect texture and an immediate effect thanks to the power of Mother Nature and advanced beauty technology

「深 – Profound」 To lead to a loyal beauty by working deeply on any cause of imperfection

「信 – Belief」To proudly deliver a high quality product that you will want to keep on using and give to special people in your life

Extra Essence 60ml

Extra Essence 30ml

Extra Essence 15ml

Cucha Soft Wash 110g

Cucha Soft Wash 80g

Cucha Soft Wash 40g

Deep Effect Lotion

Deep Effect Essence

Deep Effect Cure-All

Extra Cleansing Gel

Phyto Advance Serum

Oil Rich Milk Lotion

Zeitaku All-in-one Gel

Vita Hair Sol

Vita Hair Luna

Extra Essence Face Mask

Zeitaku Placenta

Foaming Sponge